January 23rd, 2011

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  In it, I will offer ongoing insights and best practices derived from my consulting practice and relevant information drawn from a variety of sources.

The purpose of my practice is to serve others – individuals, groups and organizations – by helping them to perform better, be more effective and happier, and ultimately achieve success on their own terms by clarifying and attaining their goals.  This blog will serve as an additional resource by offering practical advice and real-life examples to help you be successful and happy!

The primary topics for my blog will be related to the areas of focus in my consulting practice, which are:  career, recruiting, coaching, facilitation, organization development, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, emotional intelligence, life/work balance, mindfulness, neuroscience and other facets of life that I believe will be helpful or interesting to you.  I am always open to new topics and questions – they will help guide my contributions here.

Thanks again for visiting – please feel free to leave a comment, subscribe and share my site with others whom may be interested.  Cheers!

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