The Resources Section will provide you with a variety of resources that can help you develop yourself, your team or your organization.  This section is a dynamic section that will be regularly updated to remain current.  It provides you with resources in the following formats:

  • My Blog which offers ongoing insights derived from my consulting practice, work with clients, and relevant information drawn from a variety of sources.
  • Recommended Links offers online resources, e.g., websites, other blogs and e-zines that will offer you valuable information on people, talent acquisition and career development, and organization effectiveness.
  • Recommended Reading and Resources articles, books and tools that you may find valuable and interesting.

There are also several PowerPoint Presentations of webinars I have presented, and supporting sample documents that are available for download.  Please feel free to download them for your own use free of charge.  They are all copyrighted so please contact me if you plan to share them or use them commercially in any way.

All of the material available for download on this site was designed to be presented or used in conjunction with my consulting or coaching practice – they are not stand-alone documents per se.  They will offer you a good overview of the topics presented.

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