Group Facilitation


“Jerry’s expertise in key Diversity related issues coupled with his drive for results driven efforts resulted in very positive results for both our recruiting efforts as well as some key diversity driven efforts/initiatives. Jerry is willing to tackle some of the challenging questions that some diversity gurus at times avoid and he is also an excellent facilitator. Finally, Jerry is a very good person to know as he is well connected to key people and he is always willing to help make the key connections among his contacts.”
July 14, 2008
Daniel Ayala, Global Remittance Services Group Head, Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo was Jerry’s client on a consulting engagement at Wells Fargo in 2005

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“Jerry provided much needed support and development for Genomic Health as we were building our culture. He substantively contributed through introducing the Myers-Briggs instrument to our employees which helped establish an environment of self-awareness and team development that has subsequently been built on to great effect. His work with us also included consulting on organizational development and HR issues that highlighted his experience and talent in communication, both as a facilitator and thought leader. It was a great pleasure working with Jerry, and we’ve stayed in touch since that time as he has gone on to do other very interesting work.”
June 26, 2008
Gene Early, Co-Founder; VP, Organizational Development, Genomic Health, Inc (Silicon Valley)
was with another company when working with Jerry at Genomic Health, Inc.

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“I have known Jerry Pico for over 15 years as a consummate professional and worked with him in a variety of different roles.  My initial experience with Jerry was as a vendor of talent acquisition services during my tenure as a Human Resources Manager for Transamerica.  Jerry’s customer service orientation and his ability to influence to attain the best outcome, made him stand out above other vendors.

Over the last 10 years I have know Jerry as an excellent facilitator, career coach and consultant.  Jerry is talented in organizational dynamics, and is very capable of employing various organization development techniques to achieve the best outcomes for his clients.  He understands group dynamics and applies the most effective strategies to assist a team in reaching their goals.  Jerry has also been involved in diversity training and understands why organizations need to employ multi-cultural-generational interventions for success.

Jerry is very personable, flexible, collaborative and results-oriented.  He is tenacious in spite of obstacles because achieving success is his priority.  I highly recommend Jerry Pico to any organization as he would be a valuable asset.”
Jackie Gentle, Executive Director, Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Information Technology; written in July 2008
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“My first opportunity to work with Jerry was in 2004 when he was retained by our Risk Management group to help fill a couple of open manager positions. The speed, efficacy, and success with which Jerry accomplished this task was particularly impressive given that the positions had been open for at least a year, and the inclusionary group culture required inputs from a rather large group of about 25 team members in the interviewing/hiring process.

Jerry brought clarity to the team by identifying and introducing clear competencies, position descriptions and interviewing templates, thoroughly training the team in best practices for interviewing candidates and facilitating panel interviewing, managing external recruiter relationships and referrals, identifying good candidates from diverse backgrounds, and providing excellent guidance on the final selection of candidates.

Jerry’s key skills that contributed to his success in this task were his excellent inter-personal and communication skills, clear conceptualization and problem-solving, and above all, his deep understanding of people and team dynamics. Furthermore, his success with this assignment was due not only to his focus on achieving results, but also his ability to accurately diagnose the problem, i.e., selection of key candidates versus an unavailability of good candidates. The impact of his work was to a return to productivity through increased staffing and time saved on recruiting efforts.

Because of the leadership abilities that Jerry displayed during his engagement with our team, I requested him to work with me as a coach in 2005. The work we did together during this period proved to be of tremendous value to me with respect to both my professional and personal goals. Jerry helped me develop a higher level of self-understanding and confidence, provided key insights into managing professional relationships, increasing span of influence and control, and negotiating tricky inter-personal issues. He also helped me think through tough questions around career change/ long-term career goals/ work-life balance.

I particularly liked Jerry’s approach to coaching: in addition to using tools such as Myers-Briggs, in which Jerry has expertise, he made use of few well-placed questions rather than a lecturing style to encourage self-learning and development. 

I strongly recommend Jerry for any coaching, facilitation, organizational effectiveness or recruitment positions and projects.”
Radha Chandra, was the Vice President of Risk Management for Wells Fargo when she hired Jerry as a Recruiting Consultant in 2005, and as an Executive and Career Coach in 2006; she is now an Independent Consultant.
Written in September 2010

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Group Facilitation

“I have worked with Jerry Pico in several capacities.  Jerry has consulted with a business group I am involved in, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, to determine Myers-Briggs type and how best to apply knowledge about temperament in professional and personal interactions.

Jerry and I have worked together in a coaching relationship where he has helped me address specific issues relating to my business and workplace relationships.  Jerry has also been a professional resource for me as he is a subject matter expert in the areas of corporate recruitment and organization development.
Jerry is consistently professional, insightful and every interaction with him has an added value component.  He is adept at articulating the complex ways in which human beings perceive and interact in a given situation.  His keen insight into behavior as it relates to the Myers-Briggs discipline, continues to pay dividends long after the initial evaluation concludes.

While Jerry’s knowledge of the Myers-Briggs subject matter is impressive, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him on a personal level.  He never fails to strike the perfect balance between communicating technical knowledge, and simultaneously, never losing sight of the humanity of his clients and their employees.  I would highly recommend hiring Jerry as a consultant for management coaching, team building and related organizational effectiveness consulting. “
July 2008
Dyana King, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Thinknicity, Inc., worked with Jerry in several capacities

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“I have the pleasure of knowing Jerry Pico professionally and now personally since December 2007. Jerry facilitated a multi-day Myers-Briggs workshop for the management team of my division at Google and was a wealth of insights and information!

Through Jerry, I gained a lot of clarity on my specific MBTI type as well as those of my colleagues. Our team has been calling upon this knowledge ever since – posting our MBTI types in chat away messages and reminding each other of the tools we learned when conflict situations arise. Our group is comprised of Americans as well as Managers from Asia who were enjoying their first experience with the Myers-Briggs methodology – and each one of us had “light bulb” moments when Jerry accurately identified an unconscious style or behaviour for our types. Jerry’s familiarity with our individual behaviours was almost psychic at times!

Drawing on course material and most valuably, his years of hands-on experience with the MBTI system within Google, Jerry guided us through a very personal and insightful discussion on our individual style differences, personality challenges and how we could better work together as a team – no one style is good or bad, and he helped us learn how to leverage each of our strengths to overcome barriers.

Jerry used role plays to demonstrate how certain conflict pairs have different approaches or perceptions – how Feelers focus on the emotional impact of situations whereas Thinkers naturally focus on facts and logic, and how these differences can lead to terrible misunderstandings. One role play I participated in involved a terribly difficult mock situation where a manager had to let go of an employee – I was the designated Feeler/Manager in the role and my colleague was the Thinker/Report. Through this very insightful exercise I learned a lot about how my opposite (“Thinkers”) prefer and even give permission to have their news/information delivered in a straightforward fashion – all along, my Feeler tendencies opted for a softer tactful approach. Realizing that Thinkers don’t want that level of softening was truly liberating.

Since our very practical workshop, I have had the pleasure of speaking with Jerry one on one about my specific career challenges. Through his expert knowledge, Jerry coached me on my areas of strength and discussed job roles that would be ideal for me – information and recommendations that resonated with me strongly. Jerry even referred me to several key Googlers that are hiring for roles that might fit my preferences.

Jerry is the utmost professional with a wealth of knowledge on an important topic. He is caring, passionate, patient and dedicated to helping people better understand themselves and therefore better collaborate with those around them. I only wish that Jerry could spend everyday with us to catch our unconscious behaviours and improve our working relationships!”
July 10, 2008
MG, Google Manager, was Jerry’s client on a consulting engagement at Google, Inc. in 2007

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“I first met Jerry when he was my professor at GGU – he taught a management development class and it was a great experience. Jerry also worked as a consultant with my company’s Equity Council. The council was having a hard time with our strategic direction, and Jerry was instrumental in helping us evaluate our mission and purpose. He was able to ask all the right questions to get us thinking about what success meant to us. He presented a wealth of research into industry best practices, giving him credibility within our group. He even helped us change our name (something we had talked about for the past two years)! Jerry was a great teacher, consultant, and has also been a career coach to me – I strongly recommend him in any of these capacities!”
June 25, 2009
Leah Springer, MS, PHR, HR Project Consultant for WestEd,
hired Jerry as a Business Consultant in 2008

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As part of my selection as a fellow in a national leadership program, I was able to select a career coach.  I’ve been working with Jerry for the past several months during a transitional period with my career.  Jerry’s guidance has been invaluable.

Specifically, there are three areas of my development where Jerry has been instrumental.  First, Jerry taught me how to incorporate my specific personality type into the work that I do. Instead of avoiding situations that generally create discomfort for my type, Jerry taught me how to adapt to the situation so that the discomfort is neutralized.

Second, Jerry taught me to see “obstacles” as opportunities.  Of course, anyone can read this in any leadership development book.  I heard that phrase hundreds of times before working with Jerry but for some reason I was never able to put that into action.  After working with Jerry, I no longer dread challenges/obstacles.  When they arise, I immediately try to figure out how the challenge will benefit me, what I can learn from it and what I will then be able to offer others in return.

Lastly, and I think this is the most important lesson I learned, Jerry taught me the importance of taking risks.  I’m very risk averse.  Up until now, I would only seek out opportunities that were “stable” and “traditional.”  Jerry emphasized that tremendous growth, followed by success, really only happens when people test themselves and take risks.  Consequently, I’ve taken more risks with my decision making- personally and professionally- in the last few months than I have my entire life.

Jerry really goes above and beyond for his clients.  He is very gifted at working with clients at their pace and nudging them forward when it’s necessary.   If you want to take your life and career to the next level, Jerry is an excellent coach to help guide you through that process.
Bernadette Brown, September 6, 2010  
hired Jerry as a Leadership Development Coach in 2010
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“Jerry is caring advocate for his clients. He provided me with help and guidance in my career transition that was attentive to my situation and interests that didn’t try to impose a formulaic course of action for me.  That is a wonderful talent and leaves me grateful for our interaction.”
March 14, 2010
Rob Manning hired Jerry as a Career Consultant in 2009

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“Jerry Pico is that rare combination of a life goals realization coach and career coach. His personal style, intuition and actionable approach, as well as, network of people from all disciplines really gave me the courage to trust him with deeply held dreams and aspirations and to co-create with him my personal path forward.
I knew how to find a job. And if that’s what you need, Jerry will excel at helping his clients create that. But I wanted a coach that could think out of the box and truly understand me as my own person so that I could create a fearless path forward.  I didn’t think it was doable.  But Jerry is a rare gem of a coach.

As a result, I am pursuing and generating income from my mobile app consulting company and have built my portfolio career which includes all of my creative endeavors that will also meet the goals that we set.

Jerry’s non-judgmental, fully committed, personable approach allowed me the space to breathe in and create and more importantly execute my BIG plan.  This is what a 21st century career coach should do!”
April 26, 2010
Kymi Armour: Product Mgmt. Professional 
hired Jerry as a Career Coach in 2009

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“Jerry was particularly good at career coaching from a variety of perspectives: he not only coached on strategies for networking, but also on how my personality and strengths would be best shown in my efforts to network and find the next role. Jerry was also good at reminding me to measure my own activities so I would keep at it, even in what seemed like the worst job market in my working life. And, his tone and manner were right on target.”
August 1, 2009
Brent Daniel hired Jerry as a Career Coach in 2009

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“I worked with Jerry on the Google Children’s Center Recruiting Team. As the point recruiter, Jerry really helped me improve my group facilitation, presentation, and leadership skills. Jerry was a great coach, mentor, and supporter. He took the time to frequently check-in with me, see if I had any questions or needed any advice, and gave me invaluable feedback on my skills and actions. Also, Jerry gave me a Myers-Briggs assessment. We talked in depth about my style and the styles of the people I worked with which gave me a great insight into my work preferences, leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend Jerry. He is a great coach and would make a great asset to any organization.”
June 18, 2008
Jennifer Anderson, HR Business Partner, Google Inc. was Jerry’s client on a consulting engagement at Google, Inc.

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“I think you have a gift for coaching – making people feel accepted and encouraged while still giving them some direction on what to work on. “
June 2007
Vernel Larner, IT Program Manager, hired Jerry as a Career Coach in 2007

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