Jerry’s Portfolio consists of a representative list of client companies, key client engagements and client testimonials.  It is designed to give you a detailed picture of the types of work he does, the clients with whom he typically works, and the results achieved by his clients as a result of working with him.

Offers a representative list of companies and organizations for whom Jerry has worked on engagements and projects.  Among Jerry’s clients are the leading Internet search company that was Fortune’s Best Place to Work for two consecutive years, a Fortune 50 bank, several global human capital consulting firms and an Ivy League University.

Key Engagements and Projects
These are examples of the types of projects and engagements on which Jerry typically works as they relate to organizational work, group facilitation and executive coaching.  They are several of his most successful projects and demonstrate the results he works with his clients to achieve.

Client Testimonials
Jerry also has numerous client recommendations published on his public LinkedIn profile.  These testimonials include the most informative from his profile and a few that have not yet been published publicly.  They are also segmented by organizational, group and individuals clients.

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Voice: +49 (0)151 64 64 74 26
Email: info@pkwconsulting.com
Skype: jerrypico

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