Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
Organization Development and Effectiveness
Talent Acquisition and Engagement
Learning and Talent Development

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Senior Business and Human Resources Executives should as consider the following questions when deciding how to develop your high potential leaders:

  • Are your Executives and top Managers performing as well as they could?
  • Do the have Executives and People Managers who are technically competent, but could perform better if they managed relationships better, and could communicate and influence more effectively?
  • Are your Executives and Managers inspiring and leading or merely managing?

Jerry has worked with Executives, Directors and Managers to coach them on how to more effectively lead, manage, communicate, collaborate, influence, and prevent or resolve conflicts.  He has also worked with leaders in commercial, nonprofit and academic organizations of various sizes and maturity to help them define, develop and use their own unique and authentic leadership style.

He partners well with top Executives and Human Resources business partners to ensure that the coaching he performs is aligned with an organization’s business strategies and objectives, and that the results are tangible and measurable.

Jerry works exceptionally well with people of different orientations and from diverse ethnic, cultural and geographic backgrounds.
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Organization Development and Effectiveness

If you are a Line of Business or Human Resources Leader – ask yourself these questions:

  • How well is my organization performing?
  • Are my systems, processes and incentives aligned for optimal efficiency?
  • How engaged and productive are my employees?

If you are not sure that your organization is performing to its capacity – then Jerry can help.  He is expert at evaluating organizational effectiveness, diagnosing gaps in alignment and integration, and designing structures and processes that support optimal efficiency.

A well-structured organization achieves optimal operational effectiveness through the seamless alignment and integrations of roles, processes, resources and rewards with an organization’s goals.

Jerry is innately a ‘systems thinker’, in that he sees organizations as dynamic entities with webs of internal and external interconnectedness that are constantly changing.  He works with his clients to ensure that their organizations’ design, tasks, people, methods of evaluation and measurement, and rewards and incentives are aligned with the organization’s mission, culture and business goals.
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Talent Acquisition and Engagement

If you are a Line Executive, General Manager, or leading a Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development or Talent Management function in your organization, are you confident that your organization is:

  • Attracting and hiring the right people?
  • Fully engaging and empowering your team members?
  • Effectively selecting and developing your current and future leaders?
  • Retaining your most valuable team members, and those with the highest potential?
  • Presenting a strong employment brand?

An organization’s success is based upon the timely execution of a well-conceived talent strategy that integrates and aligns all of its talent related functions, ensuring that each touch engages people to their fullest and leaves them feeling good about your organization.  Remember that every future, present and past team member is also a potential customer, shareholder and advocate for your organization.

As a result of his combined backgrounds in recruiting and organization development, Jerry has deep levels of expertise in the domains of talent acquisition and engagement.  He has worked with his clients at every phase of the talent process, and understands how each process and interaction impacts an organization’s employment brand and employee retention.  Jerry has also worked with his clients to successfully build and implement competency models for both talent acquisition and leadership development.

Two recent articles and surveys related to employee engagement and turnover illustrate the importance of an effective and well-executed talent engagement strategy.

How to Keep Your Top Talent
by Jean Martin and Conrad Schmidt
Harvard Business Review, May 2010

Survey Reveals Top Five Factors for Quitting: 40 Percent of U.S. Professionals Consider Diving Back into the Job Market This Fall
Regus PLC, August 12, 2010
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Learning and Talent Development

If you are a Line or Learning Executive or Manager do you believe that:

  • Your learning program is achieving the desired results?
  • You are delivering static training, or dynamic learning experiences that your employees will adopt?
  • Your training programs are aligned with your business strategies and objectives?

In addition to his depth of experience in facilitation, Jerry has designed and delivered learning programs in both corporate and academic settings.  He works to make every training event a learning experience by incorporating the disciplines of Adult Learning Theory, Action Learning and Instructional Design to develop client-focused solutions that are aligned with a business’s strategies and objectives.

Jerry has designed and facilitated learning experiences in the following areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Mission and Vision Creation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Team Building
  • Collaboration
  • Conflict Reduction and Resolution
  • Engagement
  • Creativity
  • Decisioning
  • Adaptability

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