Our lives and work are more interdependent now than ever, and no one succeeds without the help of others.  It is important to me to acknowledge and thank the people who contributed to my success.


First and foremost, I thank my wife, Désirée, for her love, support
and patience with my career, and for the creativity that she brings
to my work.

Designed For Momentum

Next, I thank the designer of this site, Katie Mattson, the Owner of Designed for Momentum ( for her coaching, patience and expert design skills in designing this website – this never would have happened without her tenacious, tactful and insightful guidance.

Clients and Colleagues

Finally, I thank all of the truly gifted and talented clients and colleagues with whom I have had the honor and pleasure to work over these past 15 years.  I am immensely grateful for their countless contributions and support, and have grown so much as a result of the work I have shared with them.

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