Life as a Learning Lab
The core of Jerry’s work lies in his own process.  The key element to his coaching, facilitation, leadership development and consulting practices is self-awareness – his and others.  Only by understanding oneself – one’s experiences, biases, desires, expectations and fears – can one live her or his life with authenticity and clarity of purpose.

For his work to have meaning and be adopted by his clients, Jerry always strives to understand the context in which it will be applied and adapt a solution to fit the specific situation or need.  Many well-intentioned techniques, interventions, methodologies, programs and trainings fail because they are not attuned to the context or situation relevant to the user or client.

Jerry always endeavors to model the behaviors he encourages his clients to pursue – most notably – living life with energy, clear intentions, integrity, clarity of purpose, authenticity and a sense of service.

Sustainability and Value
Sustainability is implicitly and explicitly embedded in all of Jerry’s work – whether he is working with an individual coaching client or performing a process analysis and redesign for a corporate client, he always finds ways to ensure that the value of his intervention is sustained beyond his actual engagement by modeling ideal behaviors (as with coaching and facilitation), creating tools, processes and best practices, and training clients in their uses so that they will be adopted and can be repeated and shared by the client without his help.

Your principles are like beacons that guide
you through challenging times, and
empower you to confidently lead others forward

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